How to identify a blown head gasket?

The head gasket of the engine is located at the top of the block, right below the head. The purpose of this gasket is to maintain proper compression of the engine and to prevent the liquids in the engine from mixing. If the gasket happens to be blown, it ends up failing its purpose and the consequences in turn are extremely serious. Proper action must be taken right away to fix the blown head gasket of your bike. Some of you might not be aware of the relevance and significance of this blown gasket, and choose to ignore it because of the high costs. However, the issue is indeed serious and can turn out to be worse with time. In the following sections, we will give you a detailed insight on the causes and symptoms of blown head gasket. We will also share a couple of guidelines that can help you to address this issue and get it fixed right away.

What are the causes of a blown head gasket?

One of the major causes of a blown head gasket is failure in the factory or the design room of the engine. It can also happen when the support systems of the engine do not function properly. While, as a vehicle owner, you cannot really do much when it comes to the design and installation issues- it is always a good idea to check the operating system of the vehicle after purchasing it. This will help you to identify and avoid any kind of flaw that you might come across. In installation, the problem can take place when the factory have had failures in the bolts and sealers, or if the construction of the engine itself was faulty with inferior quality materials used in the process. The head gasket can also be blown if the gasket design itself is weak in the first place. It can also happen due to the difficulties in the engine that lead to thermal stress. The final the most common reason for a blown head gasket is probably the ignition timing. Yes. This is also likely to happen when the timing of ignition is incorrect or the cooling units used are not adequate enough.

What are the symptoms of a blown head gasket?

  • There are many symptoms of a blown head gasket. Some of them are listed below.
  • The head gasket looks fine but when you take the head and the crank apart, you find fuel in the gasket.
  • Fuel is also found at the top section of your cooling fin.
  • It is difficult to start the bike and it will only run while you bring the clutch down from a huge hill.
  • After starting it will only run if you keep the revs of your engine high.
  • The compression of your bike is failing.

Well, these were a couple of signs that can help you understand whether your head gasket is actually blown or not. If you find your head gasket to be blown, get it treated immediately instead of overlooking the issue. The more you overlook, the worse it will turn out to be in the long run.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Ladies’ Bike

Today, increasingly more folks are deciding to dump their four-wheeled vehicles for the more eco-friendly (and waistline-friendly) cycle. There are so many great advantages related to riding a bike. Along with helping the surroundings by not contributing any carbon emissions, you’re also helping your well-being by getting really good exercise. In precisely the same time, riding a bike is extremely gratifying. Here are the various types where you live and you might want to think about depending on your riding style.



The three-speed bike is just one of the best, most comfortable bicycles for women who prefer to cruise around town or out. They are also perfect for girls who need to run errands on their bike as most are made to accommodate huge baskets on the front as well as saddle bags on the back. If you are appealed to by this kind of bicycle, you will wish to think about purchasing various other Dutch bike or a lovely Pashley. Should you want the design of those bikes minus the price, you might want to look online to get a pretty classic three speed.



The best hybrid bikes for women is way better suited to girls who want to cover long distances in a larger rate compared to 3-speed offers. The hybrid vehicle is thus named as it blends characteristics of both road bicycle and a mountain. This makes them comfortable, durable, fast and great to be used on paths that are unpaved and both roads. Additionally they come with a carrier stand which allows you to attach panniers or totes to hold all your clothes or grocery items. This really is an excellent bike for commuting and taking on any kind of terrain, potholes or bumps you may encounter on your ride.



Mountain bikes are meant for rugged and rough terrain and not for tooling around town such as the prior two fashions. It’s really excellent for exercising in addition to getting out as well as seeing countryside that you just would not generally have access also. Bigger, fatter tires are included by options that come with a mountain bike with great suspension, great grip, multiple gears and much more. It is a good idea to talk to your local bike shop to figure out what type of model will suit you in the event you are considering mountain biking. There are lots of different styles and models available depending on the sort of mountain biking you intend on participating in.


Other Styles

In addition to the three popular styles mentioned above, you can find a number of other kinds of women’ bicycles you are able to have a look at. For those who find themselves feeling brave, there is also the ladies’ fixed gear bicycle. Fixed gear bikes mean the things that they say – the gear is fixed so the pedals are constantly in motion as you go. Regardless of which kind of bike you select, make sure you take a little time to get version and the best fit. Additionally be sure you get all of the necessary accessories such as lights, a helmet, pads, reflectors, baskets and more.

The Annals of Drag Racing

golden_commandos2The Birth of Drag Racing

Drag Racing began in the 1930’s around the dry lake beds of Southern California and later went to old deserted air fields.

American Hot Rod Assn.

In the baby phases of Drag Racing there were two principal bodies, The A.H.R.A (American Hot Rod Association) as well as the N.H.R.A (National Hot Rod Association). The A.H.R.A was set up in 1955 and continued until 1984 they drew the larger names of the sport at first because they paid out a lot more cash to the Victor plus they’d more races on their program held at various tracks all over the United States. John Force really won his first Funny car Championship using the A.H.R.A in their past year of existence in 1984.

National Hot Rod Assn.

Their first organized race wasn’t until 1953 in Pomona, California at the L.A. County Fair Grounds. They failed to have their first National Event until 1955 called and in Great Bend, Kansas and their second National Event failed to come along until 1961.

The early years were exciting, there was no dialing-in or breaking-out, you just ran as quickly and Swift as your vehicle would run. There were Super Stock, Modified Cars, Factory Experimental, the great Gasoline Cars, Dragsters and Funny Cars. Important sponsorship was non-existent but for the Factory automobiles called Factory Experimental (FX), you only worked from the hip pocket, it was a pay as you go World.

I really hope you’ve appreciated my ideas on the Annals of Drag Racing; it’s such an excellent sport that’s much to offer.

The Supreme Sport: Drag Racing

maxresdefault-1The display of two 6000 horse power, 2 second automobiles, racing down one track, without any other aim but to achieve the end first, everything else unimportant… that’s drag racing, the supreme adventure sport.

Drag racing to be able to value it in all its glory as well as is a greatest sport, you should be aware of the basic principles. The car race is usually a quarter mile, but might be more. The drag racers until there’s one final victor compete one on one through the contest.

Before each race, the motorists are permitted to do a burnout to raise grip. The wheels of the auto spin, creating lots of smoke as a result of friction. So that you can improve the efficiency this can be carried out to raise the temperature of the drag racing tires.

All these are known as the pre-period lightbulbs. These suggest the motorist is close to the lane that is starting. Then come the 2nd set or ‘point’ lightbulbs, which suggest he is really on the starting line. In the event the motorist leaves before the light that is green, a red light comes on, and that is a putrid. It’s fundamentally a test of speed to view who reaches the finish line, after the race starts easily.

National Hot Rod Association handicap and supplies two primary sorts of racing; heads up. Heads up is a race that is basic as well as the winner is the motorist who reaches the finish line. In handicap racing, you forecast exactly how many seconds it is going to take in order to complete the race without going quicker, and after that run as close to that amount.

Drag racing is the top sport when it comes to providing great value for the money. Drag racing enthusiasts contain many demographic features that are fascinating. One third supporters will probably drink beer, while another third picks for drinks that are standard. These supporters contain Black-Americans and more Latinos in comparison to other sports that are similar. 98%, a higher percent feels not neutral towards the patrons.

Should you be interested in drag racing as a hobby or sport research the kind of automobile you would like and after that purchase an automobile online according to those specifications.

Drag Racing Hp

maxresdefaultThere are just two primary questions you’ll be inquired, when referring to drag racing hp. 1. How quickly would you like to really go? 2. Just how much cash have you got to spend? Is this actually accurate?

When it came to assembling my first race car, I believe more difficult to compete with all another drag racers that’d store bought hp and had to work.

Over time, I proved many people wrong when it came to creating hp on a budget, and today I’m planning to talk about my secrets on where to get concealed hp for essentially little to no cash in the slightest.

You might be surprised to seek out hp concealing in a great number of areas that are surprising. Needless to say, the clear approach to achieve hp cheaply would be to cut back the weight of your vehicle. There are numerous strategies to do this which I tell about within my post weight loss for automobiles.

Now let us take a peek at some strategies that are apparent to gain hp that is free. To start with, simply participate the old grey matter (your brain) and actually take into account the elements of your automobile which may be removed or avoided as a way to obtain more electricity to the back wheels.

1. By placing an electric water pump drive on your own car to turn the water pump you’ll be able to reduce drag, however you will require a battery charger if you are doing this. Note: This is going to keep the engine cool should you remove the belt fully.

2.It’s possible for you to reduce drag by placing an electric water pump drive on your own vehicle to turn the water pump, in the event you are doing this, but you’ll be needing a battery charger. Note: This is going to keep the engine cool should you take away the belt fully.

As soon as I staged upward in the light, I’d take my belt fully away to rob power from your electrical system and crankshaft, as a result, you have to charge batteries between rounds thus keep an excellent battery charger available, and essentially all I had running was the electric water pump to maintain the engine cool. This may free up about 20-30 hp.

3. Another trick you are able to do is instead of utilizing the fundamental distributer; I’d obtain a crank trigger to fire my spark plugs and the pull would be taken by this and load the camshaft gear off.

4. Swap a brief belt in the course or more affordable hp is concealing and only waiting to be discovered when you put in a group of underdrive pulleys. By slowing the pulley speed pulleys will reduce drag.

5. Wish to generate 10-30 hp with a simple change and hardly any money, then add a windage tray which bolts to the underparts of the engine and serves as a blocker between the crank and the oil in the pan, and as the engine runs, it keeps oil off the counter weights of the crankshaft and reduces drag.

Better still, you should use a deep sump oil pan, it is better since the space raises in the crankshaft to the oil sump. The pan that is most effective is an aftermarket one which keeps oil and will possess a mesh screen.

6. You are going to reduce drag and boost your times by running your front tires with the maximum amount of air inside them as potential.

There are lots of other things that it is possible to do for your automobile to reduce drag. Figure out how to produce hp the straightforward, easy, low-cost and at times free method. Drag racing hp does not have to be pricey for drag racing beginners but only reachable with only a little help from the drag racing coach.

I take advantage of old school hints, techniques and tricks coupled with modern technology to allow it to be an easy task and easy to understand hot rods, drag building and racing automobiles that are fast.